Ryan Abrams

Never Blame The Tools


I use Visual Studio Code every day. It doesn’t do everything, but it does most things very well, and checks all the major boxes in a way that Sublime Text and Atom weren’t able to do.

I’m familiar enough with VIM to use it in a pinch, but haven’t developed the muscle memory for it yet.

I have a dream of one day going down the emacs rabbit hole, but it’s never made it to the top of my priority list.


This site is hosted on GitHub Pages, using Jekyll, because it is free and more than robust enough for these purposes. I also use Digial Ocean for client projects and personal application hosting. I manage most of my servers using Laravel Forge, but I won’t hesitate to roll my own when I need to.

Version Control

I use Git, and host most of my projects in private repos on GitHub. I have tried several other systems including self hosting GitLab, but none of them get out of my way and just let me code as well as GitHub.


I’m fully bought in to the Apple Mac OS X ecosystem for my desktop and personal use. On servers, I run Ubuntu or Debian. Every few years I’ll spin up my own one off private linux distro from scratch, just for kicks, and then kill it almost immediately.