Ryan Abrams


I’m a Senior Backend Architect & Developer
with over 18 years of experience

My strong background in sales and communications enables me to translate complicated technical subjects into plain english and plain english into robust technical requirements

I have a proven history of bringing my teams up to modern standards


2014 - 2018: Senior Systems Architect, CNV, Inc.

Lead Architect and Developer of custom multi-tenant ecommerce application to replace legacy systems with modern platforms for both core businesses and industry leading affiliate white label site programs.

  • Developed a highly flexible architecture enabling rapid iteration and agile changes to keep up with market demands, while maintaining SOLID principles and exceptional maintainability
  • Promoted modern best practices for a team used to working in a legacy environment, teaching and mentoring the team in order to raise the bar for code quality organizationally and maintain a clean codebase
  • Created and maintained resilient back end tooling to maintain and sync large web and data clusters based on changes in remaining legacy applications
  • Designed dynamic data architecture permitting high levels of customization for each tenant site
  • Enabled shared business logic across independent applications via centralized composer packages

2012 - 2014: Senior Systems Specialist, JCPenney, Inc.

Primary systems designer and developer for all marketing production support, creating applications and processes to streamline and support marketing activities, increase organizational accuracy and efficiency, and provide solutions for scalable and sustainable capability growth.

  • Successfully implemented team-wide Git-driven version control, issue tracking and deployment methodologies
  • Lead the design and development of a centralized database and RESTful API, enabling cross-application reporting as well as shared business rules and data
  • Utilized central API to create a planning tool for the majority of JCPenney’s marketing materials, covering allocation, content, design, and reporting
  • Integrated new and existing systems with legacy corporate systems (DB2) and third party vendor applications, ensuring data continuity throughout the business process

2010 - 2012: Systems Specialist, JCPenney, Inc.

Provided rapid support for existing systems along with fast turnaround development on incidental systems necessary to support and improve the production capabilities of the entire marketing organization.

  • Designed and implemented “Marketing Plan” tool to migrate the JCPenney marketing schedule out of excel and into a department wide relational database, creating dramatic increases in plan change communications
  • Streamlined communications between Marketing and the Legal department on Trademark requests by developing a web based application to submit and track trademark requests throughout their lifecycle
  • Developed service request application to serve all JCPenney stores, routing requests for media systems support to the appropriate service providers in their area based on their specific needs

2005 - 2009: Integrated Data Services Manager, Crossmark, Inc.

Provided ongoing dedicated analytics for a specific client team, focused on applying performance metrics to, and increasing the value of, team activities using all available data and technologies. Acted as primary client contact.

  • Originator of analytics as a specific profit-based service offering – instrumental in expanding the group of analysts from 4 to over 10
  • Developed, Tested, and Automated custom statistical models and best practices for location based store performance evaluation, out of stock determinations, and return on investment analysis
  • Created methods of integration of multi-terabyte datasets as a unified data source for analytics

2005 - 2009: Report Developer / Retail Data Administrator, Crossmark, Inc.

Responsible for report development and data integrity for critical internal field force automation system. Served as liaison between the Client Facing and Internal Technical portions of the company.

2003 - 2004: Director of Research and Integration, Crossmark, Inc.

Acted as part of the team responsible for new business and sales within the organization. Implemented and maintained large project plans for new client integrations. Extensively traveled to participate in Sales Call, Trade Shows, and Industry Conferences. Directly participated in gaining over $50MM of additional annual revenue.

2003 - 2004: Business Consultant, Crossmark, Inc.

Evaluated both internal and external business products and offerings, and reported detailed findings including risk analysis, market research, process simulation model, and collaborative opportunities between partners.


  • Database: MySQL is my daily driver, but I routinely use Redis (mostly for cache) and can handle myself with SQL Server and T-Sql.

  • Backend: I live and breathe PHP, most recently through the Laravel framework (versions 5.x, 4.x, and 3.x). For larger projects, I strongly prefer OOP, but function works for quick hits. I routinely use worker queues where required for scaling async tasks. I’m also comfortable in Ruby and have dabbled with Rails, Python, and Node JS. I believe the benefits of an ORM like Eloquent or ActiveRecord strongly outweigh the drawbacks for most projects.

  • Frontend: While prefer to spend my time behind the scenes, I have built several projects using jQuery and Backbone, and have dabbled with Angular 1 and vue.js. AJAX is a given, and JSON just makes sense. SASS and other preprocessors are great when wrangling larger sets of assets.

  • Web servers: Nginx or Apache. I’ve wrangled IIS, but it wasn’t worth it.

  • Version control: I use Git. I’ve used SVN and CVS, and researched others, but Git does everything, and does it more than well enough. GitHub makes it even better.

  • Cloud: I’ve built systems that integrate extensively with Amazon Web Services, including s3, cloudsearch, and ses. I’m familiar with TravisCI, Digital Ocean, Forge, Envoyer, and many other tools.

  • Also: Composer, Vagrant, Docker, Bash Scripting, Photoshop/Illustrator, Mac, Linux (from scratch), and Windows (if I must)


Bachelor of Science in Mass Media Communications
Florida State University

The Colony, TX


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